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VOTE MAY 10, 2014

May 10, 2014 is another important election day for our emergency medical services organization. Emergency Services District #11 is the tax district that funds our superior EMS service (Cypress Creek EMS), and the District’s bi-annual election requires commissioners to be elected. SEVEN individuals will be on the ballot for TWO positions.

Polling Places and other details (PDF)

Vote for Proven Leadership

Your vote counts in this critical ESD #11 Commissioner election! — Re-elect proven leaders over inexperienced candidates – most of whom have never attended an ESD meeting!

Lynn Lebouef (Position 4 on the ballot)
Fred Grundmeyer (Position 3 on the ballot)

 These two Commissioners are committed to excellence and have managed ESD#11 in difficult financial times during the past years — through the economic downturn and our growing population’s demand for increased services

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It is critical that we re-elect the two incumbent Commissioners, Fred Grundmeyer (position #3) and Lynn LeBouef (position #4) to the Harris County ESD #11 Board.

Elections such as this often go unnoticed, unfortunately, except for those who have a disparate agenda and manage to turn out enough votes to win. It is our mission get out the vote and re-elect the two fine incumbents for another term of office! They are dedicated to sustaining the quality of emergency medical services that we expect and deserve. No hidden agendas here!